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YESNYOU – Takeaway Give Away 3: Going Abroad

Hi everyone, Last week I asked you about your New Year’s Resolutions and suggested some things that you could do if you won the Christmas lottery. Winning the lottery isn’t very likely, so how about making some more realistic plans for the future? Do you like to travel? I do. This week I’d like to […]

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Takeaway give away 2: Is it a film? Is it a movie? No! It’s just a cultural variation.

Hi everyone, listen to ‘Takeaway giveaway 2: American English VS British English’ on Audioboo Today is a beautiful day in Barcelona; the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I started thinking about the upcoming holidays. Then it occurred to me that I’m only thinking about holidays because I’m British. Americans, you see, don’t […]

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YESNYOU – Takeaway give away: Social English!

 Hello again everyone!  Al here with your free pocket guide to Social English! How do you normally feel when you meet someone new? Excited? Relaxed? Or a little bit nervous? Meeting people for the first time can be very stressful – if you don’t know what to say! English is a phrasal language, which means that […]

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