YESNYOU – It’s a boy! – Part 2

Hello again!

So last week I shared this photo with you.

Al obscured by the sun

I know, it’s still a bit difficult to see my lovely face.

How about this one?

Al obscured 2

 There you go! Much better!

Beer pumpsSo, where did we get to? Ah, yes. I was telling you about Chester University. I read English & Drama at undergraduate level, and when I wasn’t studying I was working in the Students’ Union Bar. Working in the bar at university was a great way to earn some money. My friends very rarely left the bar, so it was perfect. (And sometimes there was free beer, which wasn’t bad either!)

Marmaduke StreetWhen university finished I went to live in Liverpool for 10 months while my girlfriend was studying for a postgraduate qualification. I drove a white van and installed televisions in a very poor area of the city. Now THAT was an education! My flat was terrible – cold and damp – and one night it rained on me while I was in bed! On the ground floor! Fortunately, Marmaduke Street, where I was living at that time, has been condemned. In the photo you can see metal in the windows instead of glass. That is never a good sign.

 Oxford High StreetAfter Liverpool I moved to Oxford to start my own postgraduate course: a Masters degree in publishing. I was studying at Oxford Brookes University, which is not a part of the famous Oxford University, but is quite near it! Nevertheless, my mum told her friends that I was at university in Oxford, which was true. More or less! Oxford is classically known as the “city of dreaming spires“, which is an effective way of saying that it is very pretentious. It was while I was studying in Oxford that I met the person who would eventually convince me to move to Spain.

In September 2002 I met my friend Ed.

CAM00423Ed is a natural-born Catalan, direct from Barcelona. He was also studying publishing. After the course finished he elected to stay and live with me and two other guys in a house in Littlemore on the edge of Oxford. In the photo, Ed can be seen wearing a traditional Scottish kilt. He bought it when he was travelling in Scotland last summer. He has, in my opinion, a disproportionate fondness for Britain, and in particular for its couture. He owns several tweed coats. If you don’t know what tweed looks like, I suggest you look it up on the internet. Most people don’t look good when they are wearing tweed. It suits Ed perfectly. That is a compliment.

 BMW-MiniWhen the Masters was over I needed money, so I got a job at the local BMW factory building Minis. While I was working at the factory I met people from all over the world. In one, 100m section there were more than thirty nationalities represented. Particular highlights include an Iranian affectionately called ‘Batman’, a group of very happy Poles and my friend Gav, who recently became a father. I liked working at the factory so much that I stayed there for four years!

Which brings us very close to the moment when I decided to move to Spain…but we’ll save that for next week!

Have a great week, everyone!


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To read (at university) = study
To earn = create through doing work
Damp = wet by condensation
To condemn = prepare for demolition/destruction
To publish = produce printed or electronic materials for reading
Nevertheless = however, all the same
Pretentious = appearing to have more importance than something really has
To convince = cause someone to believe something is true
Guys = people (normally men)
Kilt = knee-length skirt of tartan cloth
Fondness = liking/love for something
Couture = high fashion
To suit = be appropriate for
Highlight = best/important element of something


This week’s blog contained a lot of examples of the Past Continuous tense. We use this tense in narratives to add extra information to an anecdote or story. We also use it to describe what we were doing during particular periods of time in the past. Of course you could use the Past Simple tense in many situations, but the Past Continuous can make a story more dynamic.

We make the past continuous using a past form of the verb ‘to be’ and the -ing form of the main verb. Look at these examples from the text:

“…when I wasn’t studying I was working in the Students’ Union Bar.”

“…where I was living at that time…”

“He bought it when he was travelling in Scotland.”

It really is that simple: was/were + verb-ing.


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