YESNYOU – It’s a boy!

Hello everybody! How lovely to meet you!

This is the photo of me that appeared at the end of last week’s blog:

Al in the grass

But this is what I really look like:

 Al obscured by the sun

Is that any better?

Probably not!

So, let’s begin at the beginning…

Eyke signMy full name is Alastair Robert Fisher, but you can call me Al. I’m the senior trainer at YES. At the time of writing, I am 35 years old and I live in Barcelona. I moved to Barcelona in 2006. Originally, I am from a tiny village in the south-east of England. The village is called Eyke, which is an Old English word that means ‘oak’ – a type of tree.

Elephant and Castle Pub in EykeLife was very quiet in Eyke when I was young. The village had a post-office, a small shop, a primary school and a pub called the Elephant and Castle. You can see the pub on the left. It is an excellent place to drink a pint of English ale!

As a child, I attended the primary school in the village until I was seven years old. I made friends that I still have now.

Woodbridge Market HillAfter that I went to school 6km from home in Woodbridge, the nearest town to Eyke. It is a small town on a river called the River Deben. Woodbridge is about 1,400 years old and has a population of about 11,000. Opposite is a painting of Woodbridge’s Market Hill. In the spring and summer the flowers are beautiful. I used to buy sweets from the green shop in the centre of the picture.

Woodbridge is very close to the most important Anglo-Saxon site in the United Kingdom; the 6th century Sutton Hoo burial ship. But I’ll tell you more about that in a later blog…

Woodbridge schoolDid you like your school? Well, I used to love mine! I was very lucky to go to a school that is academically strong and particularly picturesque at the same time. It is a mixed school, which means that both girls and boys study there.

But all good things must come to an end, and soon enough my time at Woodbridge School was over and I was on my way to university.

Chester city at nightIn the UK it is traditional to choose a university that is as far away from your family home as possible! I come from The South-East, so I chose Chester University in The North-West. Chester is 372km away from Woodbridge, and as you can see in the photo, the city looks like something from the world of Harry Potter! People used to say that I look a bit like Harry Potter…

And that, I think, is enough about me for one week. I’ll be back next week to tell you how I came to be living in Spain…

All the best,


If you have any questions or comments about anything that I’ve written here, please leave me a comment in the comments box below!


Tiny = Very small.

Old English = An antique form of the English language.

Ale = A type of beer! We will talk more about my love of beer in future blogs…

Anglo-Saxon = A member of one of the Germanic peoples, the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes, who settled in Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries.

Burial = The act or ceremony of burying something in the ground; Interment.

Strong = Effective; having or showing ability or achievement in a specified field.

All good things must come to an end = An expression meaning that an experience, however enjoyable, is only temporary.



In the text, I used the form ‘used to’ to talk about various past experiences or actions:

I used to buy sweets…

I used to love…

People used to say…


Habit in the past

“Used to” expresses that something was an old habit that was stopped in the past.

I used to start work at 6am.

I used to study German, but I gave it up.

Past fact and generalizations

I used to live in Berlin.

I didn’t use to like cheese.

Did you use to go to a mixed school?


It is more common to use the Past Simple in questions and negatives about the past. “Used to” is generally only used in spoken English.


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  1. Rosa Mª Bendicho
    Posteado 05/02/2014 en 19:21 | Enlace permanente

    I am delighted to meet you!
    I like to meet people who are behind all this great work is Yes ‘N’ Yes and we may tell it us interesting, entertaining and fun things related to learning English,
    thank very much Al

    • admin
      Posteado 06/02/2014 en 17:26 | Enlace permanente

      Hi Rosa! You are very welcome. I hope to be posting a lot more things in the blog, but I have to keep them secret for the moment!
      Thanks for commenting!

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