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BBC news bannerJust a short blog this week. The BBC (or British Broadcasting Corporation for those who don’t like acronyms!) is the best news service in the world. There, I said it. It is THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

Of course, it has its problems: A 24 hour news cycle means that occasionally reporters are left reporting that there is nothing to report. A need to provide ‘balanced’ reporting means occasionally allowing lunatics to share their views alongside those of experts. They have an almost obsessive fascination with the weather.


BBC news planet


And the really good thing about it is that you can use it to improve your English!


BBC videoYou can watch the latest news in their video section.

It is updated 24 hours a day –

You can filter the news by region if you only want to read about Europe –

Or you can read about the whole world! –


BBC earthThey have featured articles on a massive range of subjects…

There’s this one about making paper from elephant poo –

Or this one about eagles trying to steal a policeman’s kangaroo –


BBC world service


And if you prefer the radio, the BBC World Service is exceptional –



You can also read about and watch short videos on sport, shopping, travel, money, culture, cars, food, future, nature, TV, music and so much more.


Get on there! And let us know when you find something interesting. You can leave a comment below, or write on our facebook wall (YES ‘N’ You Spain).

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