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spy-among-us1Have you been to our facebook page recently? Vic has asked you a couple of questions.

When do we use BETWEEN or AMONG?

Some people think we use BETWEEN when there are two things, and AMONG when there are more than two, but that isn’t exactly true.

The truth is that they work differently in different situations. Let’s take a look at some of them now.


We use BETWEEN when we are talking about specific, named items or individuals. There can be more than two of them.




We use AMONG when talking about things that are not distinct items or individuals. These can be collections of things, like colleges, for example:

Ivy League

Or they can be groups of people:



We can also say something about location or direction by using either BETWEEN or AMONG. Look at these examples:



In the first example, we are given the impression that Phil is following a defined path or route. In the second, Phil is ambling in whatever direction he chooses.

Finally, what is the difference between AMONG and AMONGST?

Well, actually there isn’t one. Both words mean exactly the same thing. AMONGST is regarded as the more archaic form, and is typically used in British English.

Here’s an unusual song from Linkin Park, a band normally known for loud, metal music, to illustrate the use of BETWEEN.


And here’s an even more unusual song from Australia to illustrate the use of AMONG.



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