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Hi everyone!

Not the kind of Pi we mean.

Not the kind of Pi we mean.

The humble pie is a common component of some of the best British food that we have. Why? Because it is traditional.

Now the organisation Jus-Rol wants to celebrate this fantastic pastry-filled invention with British Pie Week, highlighting the best in pie-making from the steak pie to the apple pie, and every pie in between! The week lasts from March 7th – March 13th, but you can of course eat pies whenever you like. That’s the best thing about them!

Jus-Rol manufacture a wide range of baking solutions for the less adventurous chefs among us. On their website they say that 75% of Britons enjoy at least one pie every month, which means we get through A LOT of ready-to-use pastry!

In honour of British Pie Week David, Kate and I have chosen our favourite pies from Jus-Rol’s cookbook of Seven Perfect Pies. Here’s what we chose:

David says…

“I’m sure I would happily eat all of these pies, but if I could choose ANY pie I would have a steak and Guinness pie. Of this lot I’ll have the Pulled Pork & Scrumpy pie.”

Pork and ScrumpyKate says…

“Duck and cherries is a traditional combination of flavours – the acid of the cherry cuts through the fat of the duck. And having it shaped like something you could put in your bath only adds to the appeal.”

Duck and Wild Cherry

And I say…

“This is as close to a steak and Guinness pie as you can get on this list. I’m with David on this. Steak and Guinness is the best pie that has ever been made. Ooh, or maybe a chicken and mushroom pie. They’re really good too.”

Slow Ox Cheek Pie

“But what about Vic?” I hear you ask! Well, apparently pies like these aren’t so traditional in Venezuela, but she is very partial to an apple pie. Here’s the best picture of an apple pie that I could find:

Apple pie

Vic says…

“I hate cooking, but I’m very good at it. I promise to bring Al and David as many pies as they can eat every week from now on.”

At least I wish that’s what she’d said! Good luck making your pies this week. Let us know what you cook by leaving a comment below, writing a message on our facebook page (YES ‘N’ You Spain), or send us a message on twitter (@YESNYOU_es).

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