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OscarOn the 28th of February this year the best and brightest stars of the entertainment world will celebrate the 88th Academy Awards – better known as The Oscars. Now, despite the fact that I am a huge fan of films, I don’t really like award ceremonies. They seem like an opportunity for millionaires to pat themselves on the back while we all watch, jealously, from our sofas. But that is beside the point; the function of The Oscars (or The Golden Globes, BAFTAs, or any one of the hundred other awards ceremonies) is to highlight great films that can help you to improve your English!

Here’s the list of the Best Picture nominations for 2016

Best Picture


Have you seen any of these films? I currently haven’t seen The Big Short, Bridge of Spies or Brooklyn, but I will try to see them before the 28th. I like to guess which film is going to win before they announce the winner. This year, I would like Mad Max: Fury Road to win, but I don’t think it will. It would be great to see an action blockbuster win for something other than visual effects and sound editing.

The last time was in 2003 with The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and before that were Gladiator (2000) and Braveheart (1995). Mad Max has received nominations in 10 catagories , which apparently puts it on a par with Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Cabaret (1972) and even Star Wars (1977)! High praise indeed!

Which film do you think will win?

Take a look at this video from FilmIsNow Movie Trailers and see if you agree with their choices for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director.




Do let us know what you think!

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to pat (someone) on the back = felicitar a alguien

beside the point = irrelevante

put (something) on a par with = igual a

High praise indeed = grandes elogios

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