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Hi everyone!

Hiroshi Sugimoto is an unusual guy, but a knockout photographer

Hiroshi Sugimoto

How do you use your English? Do you watch TV series? Or read the news online? Or perhaps you write poetry?

Well, here’s another thing you can do with your English…

As well as being an English teacher I also have a second job. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a clue

You can hear me, but you can’t see me.

Do you know what my second job is? Okay, another clue…

You would listen to my voice while you do something else.

Any ideas? Okay, one last clue…

You can find me in galleries and museums all over the world.

Do you give up? Fine, I’ll tell you then.

When I’m not teaching English I record audio guides for museums and galleries! I have recorded guides for El Prado in Madrid, CaixaForum in Barcelona, The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and Le Louvre in Paris. I’m so cosmopolitan!

This week I did an audio guide for the Sala Fundación MAPFRE all about a Japanese photographer called Hiroshi Sugimoto. The exhibition is called “Black Box” and will run from the 19th of February until the 8th of May. If you are in Barcelona, or if you fancy a visit, I recommend taking the audio tour!

Here are some examples of Sugimoto’s work.

Sugimoto - Diorama

What can you see here? An amazing photograph taken on safari?

Actually, no. In 1976 Sugimoto started photographing wildlife diaramas in natural history museums.

Sugimoto - cinema screen

Sugimoto doesn’t use digital cameras. His Theatre series from 1978 consists of photographs of cinema screens. He would expose the film in his camera for the duration of the movie, effectively capturing an entire movie in one frame.

He said “Different movies give different brightnesses. If it’s an optimistic story, I usually end up with a bright screen; if it’s a sad story, it’s a dark screen. Occult movie? Very dark.”

Sugimoto - Sea and sky

In 1980 he started photographing the sea and its horizon in various locations all over the world. They are all the same size and all exactly half sea, half sky. They remind me of Rothko paintings.

Sugimoto - Lightning

What’s this? Lightning? Well, sort of. It’s actually electrical discharge across a dry photographic plate, but  they’re more or less the same. The effect is electric, anyway!

What kinds of exhibitions do you like? Is there anything you can recommend? You can leave us a message in the comments section below, write on our facebook wall (YES ‘N’ You Spain), or send us a message on twitter (@YESNYOU_es).

Oh, and do let me know if you find yourself listening to me on an audio guide!

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Clue = Pista

Audio guides = Guia de audio

If you fancy a visit = Si te apetece una visita

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