YES’N’YOU – Tell me something about yourself… (B1 Unit 1 Module 1 Compatible)

Hello everyone,

So here we are in level B1. It’s nice here, isn’t it? If you’ve been with us at YES’N’YOU since the beginning, by now you will have learnt a lot of interesting things. Here’s a brief reminder of some, but certainly not all, of those things:

English arrow badgeadverbs of frequency, present simple and continuous tenses, prepositions of place, comparatives and superlatives, open and closed questions, Wh- question words, adverbs of degree, recognising and using irregular verbs in the past tense, using conjunctions to link clauses, modal verbs (‘can’, ‘could’ and ‘would’), future tense differentiation, reported speech, the definite article, the present perfect and even a couple of conditionals!

That’s a lot of different stuff! And it’s been a great journey to get here, I know.

A situation that you might find yourself in where you would want to use some, if not all, of the skills that you have learnt is an interview. When we talk about our work experience, interests and skills we need to use the past, present and future tenses as well as some key phrases that afford us the opportunity to be more expressive in our responses. That way our interviewer can learn the maximum amount about us in the shortest period of time.

So, in the spirit of continual learning, I sent some interview questions to one of our telephone trainers. See if you can guess which one…

The questions I sent were these:Interview questions

And this is how our trainer responded:


Can you tell us about yourself?

I was born in Hong Kong. My mother was Spanish/Portuguese/German and my father was Irish. Quite a mix! I’m very familiar with people from all walks of life. I left Hong Kong when I was 28 years old and lived in London for a while before settling down in Spain in 1991. Eons ago!

Have you got any hobbies?

My hobbies are going for long walks and swimming. I’m also interested in reading, everything related to films and music.

Have you ever had any work experience?

I’ve been teaching since 1986. At first I taught children, then teenagers, and adults. So I have experience in teaching all ages. I have also been responsible for designing language courses.

What are your long range/term goals?

My long term goals are to retire early and to travel in my retirement.

What are your short term objectives?

I only have one short term objective – to exercise more! I’m good at running, and I enjoy being outdoors.

What are your main strengths and weaknesses?

Main strengths – patience, determination, optimism. Weaknesses – I’m a bit stubborn!

How could you contribute to our company?

By being helpful and trying to do the best in my job.

Thumbs up

What key phrases did our trainer use to express a particular interest or ability in something?

The expressions were: to be interested in, to be good at, to have experience in, to be familiar with and to be responsible for.

Can you find them in the interview? What tenses did our trainer use to talk about their work history, hobbies and abilities?

How would you answer the questions?

And finally, can you guess who the trainer is?


It’s Carolyn! Here she is with her husband at her daughter-in-law’s wedding in India. She has asked me to tell you that this is not how she normally dresses!

Well, that’s it for this week. Have a lovely weekend and we’ll be back next week with another blog post. You can post your answers to the interview questions either here, or write on our facebook wall (YES ‘N’ You Spain), or send us a message on twitter (@YESNYOU_es).

Take care in the meantime,


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  1. Xavier Oliver
    Posteado 05/07/2015 en 19:55 | Enlace permanente

    I was born in Barcelona my parents too were spanish
    My hobbies are sailing, but not practical for some time; I like walking and swimming. I am also interested in movies and horror films and science fiction
    I have been working since 1989.
    I’ve always been working with related technologies in water treatment
    My long term goal is to get early retirement and to travel around the world
    My short term objective is to have a charge of more responsibility for that my children can do and successfully complete their university careers
    Main strengths: ordered, cooperative and analytical
    Weaknesses:I’m a bit pessimistic

    To be interested in improving the complex procedures of the company and be good at pilot plant testing to achieve optimize the marketing of new products related to water treatment

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