YES’N’YOU – What’s your preference? (A2 Unit 6 Module 2 Compatible)

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We are all different. People, I mean. We all like different things; that is what makes us very interesting (and, at times, very annoying) to each other. Sometimes these likes are black and white – we either like something or we don’t; love it, or hate it. A classic example of this is the semi-popular yeast-extract spread, Marmite.


I have mentioned Marmite in this blog once before. I think I called it liquid salt, which I think is very fair. I love it, but I also understand that I need to treat it with respect. New hearts are not cheap. Here are some tourists trying Marmite for the first time:

As you can see, their reactions are quite strong!

However, in a lot of cases we need to be able to say why we prefer something. There are three simple ways to do it:

star  We can use comparatives.

For example:

Fish or cheese


We can use ‘enough’.

For example:

Fish with cheese

“This fish isn’t cheesy enough.”



star  We can use ‘too’.

For example:

Fish cheese

“This cheese is too fishy.”

Look at this example dialogue and spot the methods we’ve talked about:

A: Shall we go for local food, or Chinese food?

B: I prefer Chinese food.

A: Why?

B: Because Chinese food is better than local food. Local food is too oily.

A: Really? I’m from Spain, so I don’t think that the local food is oily enough. And anyway, Chinese food is also oily. Shall we go for English food?

B: Yes, please! English food is the best!

 What kind of things do you like? Why do you like them? Why don’t you comment here on the blog, or write on our facebook wall (YES ‘N’ You Spain), or send us a message on twitter (@YESNYOU_es).

I really look forward to hearing from you!

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