YES’N’YOU – The Soundtrack of his Life

Hello all,

How are you?

Juan Carlos has requested a song and here is what he says about it:

“U2 is my favorite group of music and they play the soundtrack of my life. This song is the one that makes me feel more emotions.”

Do you have a soundtrack of your life?

Which U2 song could Juan Carlos be referring to?

Let me give you a hint. It asks you if it is getting better or if you feel the same.

Does it ring a bell now?

Do you remember it? It is very popular.

Listen to it…

That is a song that can really appeal to your emotions, isn’t it?

I bet that almost all of you were moved when you heard…

“Is it getting better or do you feel the same?”


And you can learn about reported questions with this song too…

Let’s see; these are the song’s exact words:

Is it getting better or do you feel the same?”

Remember that to make questions with the verb to be you put the verb, is, before the subject, it; and with other verbs you need to add an auxiliary verb, in this case do, at the beginning of the sentence.

However, to report this question we say…

The song asks you if it is getting better or if you feel the same.

All the verbs in both sentences are in the present because we are talking about the lyrics of a song that never change, but this is not usually the case. Look at this other example:

Direct speech: Yesterday, Al said, “Do you like U2?”

Indirect speech: Al asked me whether I liked U2 yesterday.

As you can see the tense has changed from the present, in the question, to the past, in the reported one.

So, to report a question you need to use the words “ask” and “if” or “whether”, change the tense of the verb/s if it is necessary and the word order to so that is not a question any more.

Click here to find how verb tenses change from direct to reported speech.

And let me ask you if you are up for a challenge.

There are 6 direct questions in the song lyrics.

Let’s get them all changed to reported speech… You just need to write one of the reported questions in the comments. Please do only one and choose one that hasn’t been done yet to see we can get them all in reported speech.

So, what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?



 PS: Es recomendable que leas los artículos en inglés pero si te han quedado dudas puedes encontrar la traducción AQUÍ

4 Comentarios

  1. Susana Dabán
    Posteado 10/04/2015 en 09:30 | Enlace permanente

    Here my reported speech:

    Have you come here for forgiveness?

    He asked me if I had come there for forgiveness.



    • admin
      Posteado 10/04/2015 en 10:43 | Enlace permanente

      Hello Susana,

      Excellent!! But there is small mistake. Come there?



  2. Manuel
    Posteado 10/04/2015 en 22:22 | Enlace permanente

    The song is a little sad but I always like to listen the group U2

    • admin
      Posteado 13/04/2015 en 17:52 | Enlace permanente

      Hello Manuel,

      Yes, it is a sad song…

      Hey! And your reported question? 😉



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