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Have you had a nice week?

Today I have a question for you, why do you like the music you like?

I like almost all types of music and I think that in order to like a song you need to like either the melody, which may make you want to move to the beat, or the lyrics, which might touch you or put words to your feelings…

Yet, the songs that stay with you forever, that you can listen to over and over again through the years and never get bored of, are those whose melody gets into your bones and whose lyrics reach right into your soul… 😉

That is what “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman is to me and why I chose it for my first post of the Learn along YES’N’YOU series, I want a ticket to anywhere. I wanted to translate it for you so that you can understand the lyrics well and enjoy listening to it as much as I do.

For my second song to share with you, I have chosen something much lighter…

You’re the first, the last, my everything by Barry White

This song can really make me want to dance and it makes me remember one of the most wonderful things about English

Can you guess what it is?

Many English words have no gender or number… That means that they do not vary for feminine or masculine, singular or plural. I love this; it does make things a lot easier!

Look at some examples…

Indefinite Articles (A or An):

They are only singular; you generally use nothing in the plural.

I saw a man and a woman walking down the street.

He wants a coffee and cookies.

You use a before words that begin with a consonant: a car

And you use an before words that begin with a vowel: an apple

Watch out! You say a house but an hour because the “h” in the word “hour” is silent.

Definite article (the):

I love the definite article in English. If you need it, it is the same for everything: singular or plural, feminine or masculine.

It is the least sexually discriminating word there can be. 😉 and you can say the boy, the girl and the children.


And this is what I find most wonderful of all because I can say:

“Behind every great man there is a great woman or “Behind all great women there are great men and the adjective great is the same in all cases. :-)

And I can also freely sing along with Barry White “You’re the first, the last, my everything” thinking of my partner and maybe dance, if nobody is watching of course, as John Cage and his colleagues did in the Ally McBeal show.

1. Check the lyrics so that you can sing and learn along

You are the first, the last, my everything – Lyrics – Spanish Translation

 You are the first, the last, my everything – Lyrics – English only

2. Now enjoy the video

Nice and funny, isn’t it?

Had you seen it before? And the TV series?

I love the video and the dance; I liked the TV series 13 years ago when I first saw it but I am not so sure I like it that much nowadays…

It may be a little too macho for today, it may have even been then; I am not sure…

The idea of a woman whose sole objective in life is to find a partner maybe, but she may just be looking for love and isn’t that what we all want in the end?

What do you think?

Looking forward to your comments




PS: Es recomendable que leas los artículos en inglés pero si te han quedado dudas puedes encontrar la traducción AQUÍ.

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