YOU’N’YOU – I want a ticket to anywhere


Hello there,

How are you today?

Boy! It’s been cold!!!!!

It is a bit warmer but I am still freezing; I just want a ticket to anywhere, I want to go somewhere warm. I may need a fast car.

There are always times in which we just want to get away, anywhere, aren’t there? We just want to be somewhere other than where we are. Do you agree? Have you ever felt that you wanted to fly away to anywhere? I don’t know if you’ve felt like that but most certainly you have used compound words with any, some, and no. Aren’t they great?

 For example, you just need to combine the word NO with the noun WHERE and you can say:

 “There is nowhere like home!”  Meaning that there is not any other place where you can feel as good as in your home. :-)

Look at other compound words with any, some, no and every:

Words with some, any and no






Let’s revise some important rules and facts about these words:

1. The words in columns A and B are singular pronouns, so we say:

Everybody is here.

2. It is exactly the same to say somebody or someone, anybody or anyone and nobody or no one.

Please remember that no one is two words and you can hyphenate it if you want and write no-one.

3. Remember that in English there are no double negatives, so compound words with no are used in negative sentences with an affirmative verb, so we say:

      No-one had arrived when I got there.

4. These compound words can be followed by an adjective or infinitive, so we say:

  I need to go somewhere warm (adjective) this weekend, but I don’t have anywhere to go (infinitive).

And you? What are your plans this the weekend?

You may need to travel somewhere far to find some warm weather but not too far to find happiness. :-)  Remember Mark Twain’s definition of an optimist:

“A person who travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness”.

So, I may not need a fast car after all, don’t you think?

Now, let’s continue improving your English by listening to Tracy Chapman’s song “Fast Car”:

1. First check the lyrics and learn:

Fast Car – with Spanish translation and comments

Fast Car – English only with comments

2. Now watch the video and enjoy the song.

I hope you liked it and agree with me that we may not need a ticket to anywhere… But boy, we can sometimes feel as though we do, can’t we?

Practise your English and leave a comment to let me know what you think…

Take care,




PS: Es recomendable que leas los artículos en inglés pero si te han quedado dudas puedes encontrar la traducción aquí.


4 Comentarios

  1. Manuel
    Posteado 15/02/2015 en 21:33 | Enlace permanente

    This song it was been one of firsts songs that I played with my guitar, i was 18 years old.
    I like very much and now I understand the meaning of this song, before I don’t knew., thank you.

    • admin
      Posteado 19/02/2015 en 12:46 | Enlace permanente

      Hello Manuel,

      Thank you so much for your message. I am glad that that you can understand the lyrics of the song now… It makes a difference when you listen to it, doesn’t it?

      Take care,


  2. Mariano
    Posteado 17/02/2015 en 01:15 | Enlace permanente

    It is a very nice song, but very sad, however it is a good choice

    • admin
      Posteado 19/02/2015 en 12:50 | Enlace permanente

      Thank you Mariano!
      I have received your song request and I will write about it in a few weeks because I have already prepared something for next week.

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