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YESNYOU – Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome everyone!           Balloons: poppable joy bubbles A new year is a time of fresh starts, renewed promises and future plans! What are you going to do this year? What changes will you make? How will your life be different?! Or maybe you’re perfectly happy just the way you are, which is also […]

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YESNYOU – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Hi everyone! Christmas is nearly here, so it’s time for a blog that will help you to make the most of every opportunity to learn English over the festive period. Since September we’ve given you some general tips on how to study better in The Love of Learning,  talked about how reading articles and watching videos […]

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YESNYOU – Top 250 – What’s your score?

Hi everyone, It’s nearly December and I have great news! I am only 12 steps away from achieving one of my biggest goals! I am only 12 movies away from finishing the IMDb Top 250 movie list! That’s right. I have watched 238 out of 250 of the movies on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) […]

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YESNYOU – Remember me?

Hi everyone, What was the topic of the last blog? Do you remember? Possibly not. Do you remember what you had for dinner last night? Probably, yes. Do you remember what you had for dinner on the same day last week? I certainly don’t! This week’s blog is all about memory – what it’s for, […]

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YESNYOU – Is your glass half full or half empty?

Hello again everyone! I hope you have already had a look at last week’s post, and have found some interesting things to read in our blog archive. If you have, then by now you will have found out a lot of information about us here at YESNYOU! This week I thought I’d find out a little […]

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YESNYOU – The Love of Learning

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” Pablo Picasso Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we last spoke, so in this blog I want to address an issue that is fundamental to your success in learning English. How do you learn? What […]

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YESNYOU – Welcome back, everybody! What have you been up to lately?

It has been a long, hot summer here in Barcelona but finally September has arrived and we can all breathe a long, hot sigh of relief. What have you been up to? It is traditional here at YESNYOU to kick-off the new academic year with a little catch up with a few of our telephone […]

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Meet Your Tutor; Vic Capriles

Victoria Capriles Vic is originally from Venezuela but has spent time in the USA and now resides in Barcelona. She has lived in Barcelona since 2004 but has been teaching English for many more years than that, since 1988. How does Vic remember the year that she started teaching? She was pregnant with her daughter “Mafe” […]

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Meet Your Tutor; David warren

David Warren David was born around the time when the Beatles formed and he (not the Beatles) grew up in the South of England in a beautiful village called Harpenden. He passed his TESOL (Trinity College London) English teaching course in July 1999 and has been living in Barcelona and working as an English teacher […]

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YES’N’YOU – England is different …

Hullo, everybody! Two weeks ago, I went to England to visit my Mum, in Whitley Bay, a small town on the north-east coast of England, much closer to Scotland than to London. I experienced a lot of differences in comparison with Spain. Here are just a few: The most obvious, at that time, was the […]

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